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You might have heard that we Androiders have gotten an original Playstation (PSX) emulator in the market. It costs $6 US.  Apparently, it is awesome.  You have to supply your own ROMs and BIOS (like with any emulator), but it works with BIN,ISO,IMG,PBP,Z,ZNX, and Eboot formats.  Also, it supports using a Wiimote as your controller.  Wiimote + TV-out = grand nostalgia time.  Anyway, here is a how-to on getting it up and running.   Note that due to piracy issues, we can't tell you where to get ROMs or BIOS from.  Nothing that Google can't tell you.

Step 1:

First things first – download psx4droidfrom the Android Market or AppBrain. You'll need a 'high-end Android' to run the games properly, which means the likes of the Nexus One, HTC Desire, or Samsung Galaxy S. It's worth noting, though, that the app is a work in progress, and you won't get perfect performance on any Android device.


Step 2:

Download the PS1 BIOS file 'scph1001.bin' from any number of sites – none of which we'll name here. All we'll say is that it's not hard to find, and that Google and YouTube are your friends in all things.

Step 3:


Ready your PlayStation ROM files. Once again, we're not going to go into specifics here. We'll assume that you own the original game and have made a ROM file as back-up.

Bear in mind when making your ROM that psx4droid doesn't recognise MDF files, so stick with the likes of BIN, ISO, IMG, and Eboot.

Step 4:


Plug your Android device into your computer and create a folder. Call it anything you like: PSX, PlayStation, PooperScooper. Anything. Put the BIOS file and ROM files into said folder, and alongside it create another folder called ROMS.

Step 5:

Boot up psx4droid and touch the PSX BIOS file option, then search for the 'PSX' file you just created. Select the .bin BIOS file. Now back up a step into the default 'Select ROM' section, navigate to the same PSX folder you created and select your ROM.


Step 6:

Hey presto – PlayStation gaming on your Android. Have fun!

Big thanks to for the how-to!

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