Helixlauncher does not like the taste of Froyo.


All the guys sporting the helixlauncher and are keenly waiting for their froyo update to arrive,there is a sad news for you guys,the helixlauncher and the android version 2.2 codenamed froyo do not go well together.There have been various people complaining about a force close loop which arises as soon u reboot your phone with the newandroid froyo update which you have recieved and you are running the helixlauncher as your default launcher.If you are already going through this problem then try to press home or back and try going to the settings and clearing all defaults of the helixlauncher application inside manging apps.

Make sure that before you update your phone to the android update you are not running helixlauncher and if you are please switch back to any other launcher or the default android launcher before updation.Unfortunately i guess the developer of this application has not updated his app or there is a major error in its codes.If your phone is currently scheduled for getting the froyo version of android like the droidx and various other phones in different counrtries then please make sure that you have uninstalled helixlauncher before you update to froyo.

If all these tips have not helped you and you are still having problems and stuck with the force close loop then reboot your phone in safe mode,this procedure varies from phone to phone,you can check out your procedure for rebooting  in safe mode in various forums or websites.The rebooting in safe mode allows you to boot your phone without any third party apps and you will be able to go to settings and choosing manage applications and then uninstalling the helixlauncher application.After this is done you will be able to boot your phone normally and play with your newly installed froyo!


Well if you have uninstalled your helixlauncher and don't know which other launcher to use then there are various other launchers like ADW launcher and there is LauncherPro,and these launchers do run without any glitches,i have been using LauncherPro for quite some time and i like it.It does what helixlauncher does and more.

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