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App name: Rockplayer by Holly Lee

Description: RockPlayer is an optimized video player running on Android system from version 1.6. It supports almost all video formats including DivX, avi, mkv, rmvb, etc.

How it works: Rockplayer is an app for watching videos and listening to music. It states you can watch avi, divx and other types of video. It also has the option for listening to mp3 music. When you open the app it gives you the list of everything on your phone not just the type of files available for video or audio.

There is a watermark 'R' in the corner of the screen unless you purchase the full version of the app. When you stop any song or video and go back to the directory it will ask you to buy the app, activate with the key or go back to the directory of files. It has the typical back button, play and forward buttons. When you play the video you can tap the forward or reverse buttons to move back or forward in the video. There is also a button to the right select the size of the video to be full screen or letter boxed on the sides. And the Rockplayer icon on the other side which if selected gives the file details i.e. audio type video type and size of the file.

Unsure if the first generation phones will work well with videos, but faster second generation phones shouldn't have any issues.

Opinion: So, I tried to get this to work with the Rockplayer v6 since I have a MT3G (Sapphire) and I guessing it my phone.  I tried two different avi files and neither one worked very well.  The picture was very good, but the audio would never sync.  When I would select the pause button it would still play but with no sound.  When you selecting the forward and back button it just moves ahead or backwards without being like a fast forward or rewind feature.  I would suggest testing it free and then if it works for you move on the paid app.  I was hoping I could watch good video on phone when I heard about this beta app but unfortunately it just isn't going to happen right now.  And I can't necessarily blame the app since first gen phones are going to be limited.


  • Speed (2.5/5) - the speed of the video was fine most of the time, the sound was always out of sync.
  • Features (3/5) -.Without videos to watch there's just music which unfortunately I can play elsewhere already.
  • Theme (3/5) - Basic UI. The 'R' watermark is irritating enough.
  • Overall (3/5) -.Giving benefit of the doubt, this app does need work for video watching.


  • The picture of the videos is very nice and moves pretty smoothly.
  • Variety of files types.


  • Audio sync issues
  • Watermark in the corner.
  • Constant reminders of buying app with each action selecting files.

Conclusion: I hope the issue of audio syncing isn't a wide spread of an issue as it was for me.  Putting the audio issue aside, this app would be very nice for watching videos. Though I support paid apps for Android the water mark in the corner pushes the envelope a bit in making the experience not as enjoyable.  I hope future versions will bring good audio to all who are able to try out the app because I'd love to watch some avi files on my phone when I am not able to on my laptop.

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