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App name: Pure Music Widget by Francois Deslandes.

Description: This widget allows you to control the stock or HTC Sense music players.

Pure Music Widget is a paid app and costs €0.69 (approx$1.03)


How it works: With the Pure Music Widget you can put customizable widgets on your desktop to listen your music without having to load the player. It has multiple sizes to work with ranging from 1×1 to 4×4.

It doesn't work for other music players like the X10 or Samsung S players.  You can configure the text size and color of text on the widget.  Some of the widgets allow for other options like the stop button on the 4×2 or 4×4 size. You can also import and export the settings to your SD card.

Once a song is playing if you select the disc it gives you some options: enable Bluetooth, toggle shuffle mode, toggle repeat mode,  open music player and configure.  Selecting configure will open the widget settings. Tapping on the name will pull up the stock music player.


As with all the Pure widgets this one is skinnable.  It has a nice list to choose from and you can update the list or create new ones from the XDA Developers forum post here

Opinion: The Pure Music widget looks very nice I chose the Koxx 24karat from DarkSE skin and it looked nice with the gold text.  The widget didn't update the songs titles on the widget as quickly as I would have liked as I listened to one of my playlists.  And I am not sure if the Pure widgets play nice with ADW launcher yet or if it just my phone acting up


  • Speed (3/5) – Plays the songs without much lag but widget doesn't update songs very quickly.
  • Features (3/5) – It doesn't change much for the music player except make it look nice on your desktop.  But the skins are nice.
  • Theme (4/5) – Multiple options to tweak the widget.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – Nice looking widget for the stock music player


  • Skins.
  • Options for bluetooth right from widget.


  • Doesn't bring any new options for stock music player except the new look
  • Widget is slow to update songs.

Conclusion: This widget can be a nice addition to your desktop for easy access to your songs and with the skins can blend in to whatever design/wallpaper you might be showing.  Unfortunately it just works for stock and HTC sense players right now and just makes them look nicer.

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