Get the Droid 2 Live Wallpapers on Your Android 2.0+ Phone


The evil red eye from the Droid 2 has been extracted and it's ready to use by any Android phone, version 2.0 and above. But what's even better than that is that it comes in 9 flavors:

  • original red wallpaper
  • modified versions called Evil Andy and Evil Grey Andy
  • a mod with the eye from the Droid X, but on the Droid 2′s background image
  • a Cyanogen Mod themed one
  • a BlackDroid edition
  • a green theme
  • a gold theme
  • and a wallpaper where the eye is from the Droid 2 and the background is from the Droid X

Now, check out the Droid 2 themes below, and if you like them go to the source under them to get them on your Android phone:


[Source: XDA-Developers]