G2 Renders Show Up Just in time for Epic 4G Launch

August 31, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

What a coincidence for the G2 renders to leak today, isn’t it? Either T-mobile or HTC want to take away some of the anticipation for Epic 4G, which is launching today on Sprint. Epic 4G is a direct competitor to G2, so I wouldn’t blame them too much for doing this.

Actually this is becoming quite common lately. Whenever someone is about to launch a highly anticipated gadget, their competitors start announcing their own version’s renders or prototype, even 6 months ahead, to kill some of the buzz.

Because their product will launch 6 months later, they can obviously afford to have even better specs than whatever is launching right now. This way they manage to persuade some people to wait 6 months longer for that gadget because it will have better specs. Of course, when that gadget will launch, it might not even have the best specs then, and someone else will announce a competing product 6 months ahead and do the same to them, and so on. It’s like a vicious cycle.

T-mobile’s G2 is going to launch much sooner than 6 months, but they are using the same tactic on Epic 4G to persuade some potential Epic 4G buyers to wait for G2 instead.

So which one are you going to get? Sprint’s Epic 4G or T-mobile’s G2?

[Via AndroidCentral]