Finding Android Apps Is Easy with Flurry’s AppCircle

August 17, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

AppCircle from Flurry, is a “massive cross-selling network among participating apps that use Flurry Analytics.” It also feature a smart recommendation system like the ones you see at Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix, so it should be a lot better at recommending apps that you would like.

This way developers will be able to monetize their apps easier, because instead of you going through hurdles to find their apps, their apps will come to you. Everyone wins.

Everyone knows that Android Market is not yet as good as iphone’s AppStore, and that says a lot, considering the AppStore is not exactly breath-taking either in helping you find exactly the apps you’re looking for. It’s hard for deserving quality apps to get through the noise, and Flurry wants to help you with that.

The AppCircle app can’t yet be found in the market, so you might want to keep and eye for it.