Evo Froyo Build Rooted… Already!


The amazing folks over at XDA-Devs have done it again.   The HTC Evo just had an official Android 2.2 "Froyo" update and in less than a day netarchy had rooted the device and posted the how-to.  The files below are the full OTA (over the air) update that you can flash onto your already rooted Evo, plus two "radio" updates.  Your new version number is  3.26.651.6, the Software Number from this ROM.

One user on XDA-Devs reports that after flashing this ROM and the radios, download speed over 4G is (are you ready?) 11.69 Mbps.


Standard disclaimers apply.  Don't do this unless you know what you're doing, understand what all this means, and are willing to live with a very expensive paperweight if something goes wrong.  Back up everything before you copy anything new onto your device.  Wear your seatbelts, floss your teeth, and ensure you have clean underwear.  XDA-Devs and Androidheadlines are not liable for your turning your phone into a sculpture.

Note: This is a ROM for rooted devices, and you need to install it with a custom recovery.  If you installed the OTA update or manually updated to an unrooted 2.2 beta then you cannot install this update.  This is not a new root, it's just a rooted rom of the stock OTA for people who already have rooted phones with custom recovery installed.

MD5 Sums:
f11ac5b0cc1548c722f8df32440a312a – HTC-OTA-3.26.651.6-Final-Froyo-Rooted-Odexed-netarchy-signed.zip
a3d42bf93dce2977748b90d5084d1b44 – Wimax26023.zip
85c7f0e31c66c80397dcc3cece0f5c76 – Radio-


The above are checksums and ensure you have a full and clean copy.

HTC OTA Froyo 2.2, *FINAL*, build 3.36.651.6 (Rooted) Odexed on Massmirror

Mirror 1 on qap.la


Mirror 2 on sitegetter.net

And the updated radios:

Flash these radios above one at a time in recovery, you will have to reboot once for each one.


Summary: Complete the four steps on the Simple Root OTA (make sure phone is in Charge Only state during  process), then if you have this ROM already on your SD card, just hit Extras and Recovery. Choose your recovery, and poof. Follow steps on OP to flash: Wipe – flash ROM – reboot – flash Wimax – reboot – flash radio – reboot.

Evo 2.2 OTA update

Additional Sources: Android Police, Android Spin