DroidSecurity Hits 2.5 Million Users, Got Security?


A lot of people are asking is there really a need for security applications for Android because it's based off of Linux? Well, with an every growing demand for Android and the attention that it's creating it will only be about time that something filters through that will cause an epidemic like situation to all Android users around the world. And it doesn't take a genius to understand why this would happen, it's like parking your brand you Lexus in an area where the cars aren't as ostentatious and of course you will attract attention, good and bad.

And this comes to a higher level of notoriety with DroidSecurity hitting it's 2.5 million user mark, it is quite clear that other users are also weary of their safety through their prized possession.


Thank you to our friends at DroidSecurity who have compiled a list of risky mobile behaviors to help everyone protect themselves and their loved one's who's information is also in that simple device that sits in our hands or pockets most of the time.

High Risk Practices Mobile Users Should Avoid

DroidSecurity offers a "watch list" of known problems with Android apps at www.droidsecurity.com/securitycenter.html. The following types of mobile practices have proven to be high-risk and therefore should be avoided:

  • Conducting online banking activities via unofficial apps
  • Downloading apps from untrusted sources
  • Using 3rd party open source libraries, apps and components that may harbor bugs and malicious code
  • Allowing strangers to borrow their phones
  • Letting others, including family members (kids in particular) play with their smartphones as they can download apps with malicious content
  • Clicking on suspicious content coming through text messages, which might ask for your personal information, passwords or ask you to take urgent actions
  • Installing apps that do not come with positive user feedback or ratings

Shalev, formerly a security architect at Check Point Software before co-founding DroidSecurity in 2009, says that many of the same problems from the PC world transfer into the mobile space, but there are certain best practices mobile users should proactively exercise. "We strongly recommend that users track for unusually large phone, data or app bills and that they keep a close watch for cases of consistent shutdown or rebooting of phones as well as less talk time scenarios. And of course, mobile users should always ensure they have updated antivirus software and the latest OS patches installed on their Smartphone and other mobile devices. "

About DroidSecurity:

DroidSecurityâ„¢, makers of the first full-featured Android anti-malware application DroidSecurity mobile Security Suite, was founded in 2009 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. DroidSecurity Internet Security Suite is the first Android application to leverage the Dalvik Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology. This cloud-based antivirus solution is automatically updated and can be downloaded at http://www.droidsecurity.com/apps.html as well as on the Android market. This powerful application provides a wide-range of protection against viruses/malware and SMS/text spam, plus enables users to track lost smartphones and remotely wipe data for enhanced security and control. More information is available at www.droidsecurity.com.


Even if you believe that Android should not have any anti virus programs for there not being a need, it is clear that the people want the added protection and safety especially with lots of modification being done and installation of unofficial Market applications one never truly can know what is out there and working inside of their phone once those things are downloaded or installed. As always, only install things that you are positive that contain nothing to do any harm to you or your information that could have severe repercussions. With an every changing mobile OS platform, Market, development (inside and outside Google infrastructure) caution should always be the number one priority. Spread the word about the risky practices out there as there are many of us Android users and we must support and help one another as a united community that has grown at an alarming

As always, fulfill your Android hearts out in all things Android but be aware that there are dangers out there that you should be aware of and it never hurts to have added security.