Droid X Source Code Released

August 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Today is a developers dream. Recently Samsung released the source code for the Captivate, and now Motorola has released the source code for the new Droid X phone. There is a lot packed underneath the 4.3″ screen. Devs are now able to start creatng custom ROMS for the device which is extremely popular in the rooting community. There has been some bad press for the Droid X as of late due to the eFuse loaded on the device. eFuse is supposed to brick your phone should you try to put a custom ROM on the device. Many at one point were speaking out against the phone and encouraging others not to buy it.  Modder Steven Bird came to the rescue and explained that eFuse is on every one of TI’s OMAP3 processors and that there has not been a problem modding other phones with eFuse on it. Sounds like there may be nothing to worry about. We would have heard if something bad happened with other phones.

https://opensource.motorola.com/sf/projects/droidx Enjoy the code!