Droid X recovery hacked, custom ROMs on the way

August 19, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

You remember the eFuse controversy?  It was a bad time for Android.  Android was hailed from the start as an open system, promoting development and tweaking (or hacking).  When the Droid X came out, everyone was worried that Motorola was destroying that, and in sense they were.

Despite Motorola’s best efforts, the Droid X was rooted recently.  It was still unclear whether hacking would have to stop there, or whether custom ROMs would be possible by installing a custom recovery.

Turns out, a recovery hack has been done by Koush, a big contributor to CyanogenMod.  This is not a true recovery, but rather a hijack of the normal booting process.  It is a really interesting and innovative hack, but it comes with a number of caveats.  Check out all the info at Koush’s site.