Droid X FroYo Leaked, May Be Available In Less Than 24 Hours

There have been a lot of dates thrown around concerning the Android 2.2 update for the Droid X. Earlier this year we heard the update was supposed to hit early summer, and then as the summer has rolled in and out the time frame was posted for early September. Of course, you can't always count on your phone carrier to meet their software deadlines. So you take to  scanning forums and news stories hoping someone has the latest communication from the update gods.

Or, you can just hope some savvy developer got their hands on a leaked version of the latest upgrade and will share the good fortune of their find with you. It appears that is exactly what p3droid over at My Droid World has done.  According to p3droid the update will be available in less than 24 hours from now, it makes no difference if the Droid X is rooted-the update will install on your phone-one caveat though: all original bloatware that might have been removed from the device will have to be reinstalled and named as an .apk file. Check out this post from user dB Zac:

Things we know (or think we know):
Poeple[sic], I am sure he will post a link to the down load once it is ready.

He has stated that this has nothing to do with the Bootstrap custom recovery

Someone has already stated that rooted or not, this will work for you

you need all your bloatware installed and named as .apk (any .bak changes need to be reverted)

you need to revert any custom theme you may have installed

The time line is within 24 hours of the 1st post and now he is saying 6am (don't be surprise's if that changes again)

Things we don't know:
is root built in

is it a custom Kernel ( kinda doubt it but if it is we owe him even more than we already do)

what build of 2.2 is it

is it a signed rom

Keep in mind, the more we bug him the longer it will take

also all the facts and details needed to install this will come to light when needed

He has already said it is not the stock rom but its not custom. I would speculate that means it will still retain Motorola's UI but it is a mix of parts from 2.2 roms or a leak we haven't seen.

Reading through the Forum is like listening to children's excitement of what could be under the tree when they wake up Christmas morning.

If you have a Droid X, or have been considering purchasing one, you can keep up with the Forum as it continues here.

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