DROID 2: Out of Box, Blows Others Away


DroidLife just put up Quadrant benchmark test results on a DROID 2 running Android 2.2 (Froyo), right out of the box, no customization whatsoever.  Have a look:

If you can't read it easily, here's it is all nicely typed.

  • Your Device 1458
  • Nexus One, 2.2+ (>1250)
  • Moto DROID X (<1250)
  • Samsung Galaxy S (>750)
  • Nexus One (>500)
  • HTC Desire (>500)
  • 5E Experia X10i (<500)
  • Moto DROID (>250)
  • HTC Magic (<250)

But how much of this is the device, and how much is from Froyo goodness?  Android and Me found phones running Android 2.2 could see an improvement of 300%.  All the more reason to look forward to those OS updates coming… soon.