Verizon Motorola Droid 2 Launching Aug 12th?


Take a look at the screenshot below.  Don't Hate the Geek got a tip from a well-placed source who passed along these  Verizon slides, with a tentative launch date of August 12th for the Motorola Droid 2.


The bottom left corner is obscured, but it supposedly says "8/12" there, and in the next column, "Commerical launch of Droid 2."

Here is what the slide above, giving the timeline, says:

Column 1


Column 2

–          OLT

–          Device Emulator


–          Standalone Docs (Top 5, Comp.  Charts, FC, Show it, Mastery Checklist,

Android OS Comparison)

–          B2B/BSC "Training Release (Top 5, FC, PPT, DROID Comparison)

Device TA
Droid 2 Available in DC for "Best Device" program & remainer of seed/iQ Devices
Droid 2 Commercial devices in DC
Droid 2 Jam Session (not Priority 1)
OPublicly announce Droid 2


–          Pricing & launch date

–          Devices to reporters

Devices active and available (not merchandised) in stores

Internal Communications begin
10IM/NewsCenter Launch Activities
11Online Only Pre-Sale
12Commerical launch of Droid 2


Droid 2 launch PR

Additional source: Talk Android