Droid 2 Ad: Got Iron Thumbs?

Verizon has promoted the Droid brand through an amazing series of ads, both on TV and in print. The "robot" theme in their ads seems to have been extremely successful, managing to get the interest not only from the obvious techie market, but also from the mainstream market, with everyone from MIT students to grandmas knowing about the Droid phones.

Because of this kind of advertising, the Motorola Droid phone was vastly more successful than any Android phone before it. Verizon was smart in choosing a brand like this that they can use for a variety of phones later on, because otherwise it would've been a lot harder for people to recognize what this Android OS is all about.

The latest print ad from Verizon, promoting the Droid 2, mentions you need to have iron thumbs to handle the more "advanced keyboard" of Droid 2. We'll all find out what this means on August 12, at launch, but if you want to take a guess at what this advanced keyboard will bring, feel free to do it below.

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