Droid 2: 40% Faster Than Original Droid

August 5, 2010 - Written By c.alexander

Well is has been a while since the Droid 2 has been in the eye of the press, but yet here it is again with a flyer boasting it’s Froyo OS and increased website loading speed! With a slightly modified form factor, the Droid 2 is once again one upping its predecessor by already running 2.2 (though skinned something-like the Droid X), 8Gb of internal storage, 8Gb SD Card coming with the phone, and a 1Ghz processor (why it can probably load sites 40% faster than the Droid, especially while running 2.2).

When will this Droid be released to the public? And how will the commercials pan out? Notice that the original Droid commercials have been MIA for a while? I know I have!