Does AT&T have any interest in High-End Android Phones?

If anyone walks into the AT&T store to buy or check out which phone you have to buy next and all you see is many of these low end android phones and at the otherside you see the iphone,so your choice is obviously going to be the iphone,although i am sure that no one likes the AT&T's not so good network and would go to sprint for its HTC Evo 4G or go to Verizon for its Motorola Droid X,now taking into consideration the latter carriers they have always tried to bring up competitive and high en android phones like Verizon has brought the Motorola droid x and the HTC Incredible and other phones but if we consider the case of AT&T we can see quite clearly that they are not at all interested in android,all they care about is their iphone.Well i guess what the market strategy of AT&T is? I think it might be to promote less of android and bring no competition to the iphone.I would like to ask them whether they have gained any major profits because of this strategy?If they would have brought a better phone then the sales would have increased drastically,more better phones more the sales.

Even if we say that AT&T launched the Samsung Captivate but it is locked down pretty bad and it sports all the useless AT&T software,they remove useful free features like FM Radio and Voice Dialing and replace them with pay-per-month features like AT&T Radio (streaming) and AT&T Voice Dialing ($5/mo). To add more, the manual says that AT&T Radio is data intensive and user should subscribe to an "unlimited data plan. The one which  AT&T  no longer offers.They have also chosen very poorly among all the upcoming phones and the customers keep on telling that they never receive the updates.In fact the latest device by AT&T,the DELL Aero is launching with android version 1.5,okay now will please anyone tell me who will buy a phone which is running a outdated firmware?The problem with captivate is that now i guess they will release the froyo update for it after 10 years.All these problems lead for a user to root their respective phones.They also have the Sony Ericsson xperia x10 but again it has the android version 1.6. At least they should have put in version 2.1 if not froyo.Another thing that hurts me is that AT&T canceled the deal with Google for releasing the Google nexus one through their carrier.

AT&T mostly controls their firmware updates,even though updates have been released for same devices they have not made any upgrades on their services,well with this kind of service i think the iphone is their perfect choice and they cater to them.This might also be a strategy played by apple to sell more of its iphone and have no competition.

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