Do Android users View More ads than the iPhone Users?

Chitika which is an online ad network has conducted a survey about from which o.s has the maximum clicks for advertisements have been received,and the winner was our beloved android platform with the ipad finishing second and the iphone the last.On an Io.s vs Android showdown the android users clicked 81% more than its iphone using counterparts.The android o.s is from Google which is known for its advertisements and is the best in it,with the release of froyo,they had embedded new advertising methods such as the pull down bar where if you are browsing through the market or any apps,and you notice a good advertisement in which you are interested then you can simply pull the window down and see more of the ad or you can call directly or mail them directly from that vindoe itself.As the iphone does not support flash the,ads in iphones are just intimate and less attractive for their users to even look at them,while in the case of android users you can watch an entire video just from the pull down bar itself.these features i guess has made all the users in our android community use these ads in a beneficial way and as there are more free apps in the market some of these apps come with advertisements and sometimes while using it or while playing a game you click on the ads by mistake,this factor ia applicable to both the o.s.

I think the guys using the Io.s are way too cool to click on ads,they feel that if they click on ads they will loose their reputation,and hence these iphone users have learned how to avoid these ads and live through put their lives with it.The Ipad follows closely behind as shown in the graph because its sports a much larger display and it is a tablet and you will be bale to see the ads much more clearly and will be able to use it in a better way but still android beats the ipad and the iphone by far.

Now the advertisers know which o.s powered devices they have to support.

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