Disney to offer Droid Eris as theme park tour guide

August 12, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The Droid Eris is dead.  Long live Droid Eris!  Only a few weeks after Verizon decided to retire the Droid Eris, we hear news of it being repurposed.  Disney theme parks have put a drop-resistant case over it, and installed their own app.  Now, it tells the wait times for rides, gives you coupons, and spits out a schedule of show times.  It will also give tips and tricks for navigating the park as well as a map.

It is unclear whether these newly repurposed phones will make use of the camera.  It would be a great marketing ploy to be able to have it take pictures and then when you leave, you could plug it in somewhere (or the images get wireless uploaded), and you can buy prints.

Disney says that they will be available for free or at least very cheap to guests soon.