Developers Blow Through ‘Substantial’ Nexus One Inventory

August 20, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
Late last night, Google announced on their Android Developers Blog that the Nexus One has been completely sold out. Google made the Nexus one available for those with a developer’s account recognizing that the superphone is a great device for app development. The Nexus One was released through a joint venture with HTC and Google back in January and was quickly pulled out of retail stores and off the Google online store. The partnership between Google and HTC was an effort to develop a truly usable, high quality superphone. HTC has since transferred that knowledge to its other lines of Android based phones. Google assures its developers that they are working hard with HTC to replenish the supply of Nexus One. Amid shortages of AMOLED screens, it may be a while before the phone re-appears in the developer network. There is word that HTC may be replacing the AMOLED screens with Super LCDs. Still, no word on when we can expect the popular phone to re-surface. One thing is for sure, this discontinued phone sure does have a lot of staying power.