Dell Thunder Will Come with Froyo

August 24, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

When the first pictures leaked of Dell Thunder, Dell got quite some attention from the tech world. It seemed like people were ready to accept Dell as a smartphone manufacturer because those phones renderings that got leaked looked darn good.

With the launch of their mini-tablet, the 5″ Dell Streak, Dell showed some promise, but one thing disappointed about their tablet – that it came with Android 1.6. If the Streak would’ve come with Froyo, it would’ve gotten a lot more buzz and sales. I think they’ve realized this, so even if the Thunder smartphone is ready to ship right now, they will probably choose to wait a little longer to get Froyo ready for it.

The big boys, HTC and Motorola, are already deploying Froyo on their smartphones, so it wouldn’t be a good move to launch Thunder with an oudated OS, and then wait a couple more months to update it to Froyo.

[Via Unthinkable]