Chingle Android App: It won't blow your socks off


There is more computing power in your bag or pocket right now than there was in the entire world fifty years ago.

A phone today can lead you home when you’re lost, stop you sending a text when you’re drunk or even call out to you if you accidentally leave it behind. It would have blown our grandfathers’ socks off.

Sometimes what you want though, amongst all the high-tech futuristic gadgetry, is something simple.

That’s what Chingle is. A new app for Android that won’t blow anyone’s socks off. Its simplicity however, is its charm. It doesn’t organize your life for you or show you the quickest route to the theater, it just makes a nice sound when you shake it. It makes a series of nice sounds in fact, neatly employing an aspect of music theory to create different harmonies in the same way one might by tuning wind chimes.


What really sets it apart from so many of the free apps these days, is the way its built – it looks and feels like its been thought about and not just chucked together – either by someone who knows what they’re doing or who spent a lot of time on it.

All in all: pointless but sweet.