Check Out the Sexy New HTC Desire HD (Ace) in Video

August 9, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

After we showed you the leak of HTC Desire HD, we now have something even better – a one minute and a half video (made by 247Android) that is enough to show you how sexy the new Desire HD looks.

The new Desire HD brings not only a better design and feel, but also better specs like a 4.3″ capacitive display, an 8 MP camera, dual flash and 720p video recording. It even comes with Android Froyo, which hasn’t come to many phones yet. All in all, all these improvements over the original Desire are enough to compete with the latest Android phones from other manufacturers and if you like HTC’s new design and want one of the best Android phones out there, the Desire HD is definitely a worthy choice.

But I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Enjoy the video and some pics at the bottom: