One Stop Shop Social Network: Check-in with Get Glue!


Get Glue, an app that was on the Iphone, is now offered through the Google market for free. This app is a one stop shop social network that allows users to check-in on books, movies, wine, movie stars and music. Allowing you at also post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so everyone is up to date on your happenings.

Once you have checked in the app gives you points that add up to stickers. Get Glue tracks what stickers you earn and in a tab set for your profile called "you". The stickers earned vary from Droider to Moviebuff and are offered for every check-in category.

Get Glue acts as a social network as well and you can add people with the same interests as you. You can even see what other Get Glue members have streamed and send them a comment. Dont worry for all you Blackberry owners Get Glue is building a mobile site so you can check-in while they develop an app fpr BlackBerry users.

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