Bell HTC Legend Already at “End of Life”

August 20, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Bell released the HTC Legend in June of 2010 and the phone has been given the “end of life” label already. The reason for the tag is explained as  “due to ongoing supply constraints from the manufacturer, the HTC Legend for Bell is effective immediately being discontinued”. The specific detail as to the supply constraint is not mentioned. Could this be another screen shortage? It uses an AMOLED screen which screams Samsung. The company is advising its employees to direct customers interested in the phone to the other phones in their Android lineup. Virgin Mobile also sells the HTC Legend and they just increased the price of the phone up to $99 from $79. That leaves Bell pushing the Galax S line from Samsung and since Samsung makes the screen it uses in the Galaxy S…..well….you know where I am going here…….