Bada Boom Bada Bing: Microsoft Bing Coming to Android Soon

Microsoft will be releasing there full featured Android client just one year after releasing it for PC. IPhone already has it and so does Blackberry. Currently Bing is at 13% of searches, while Yahoo has 19%. Google is leading the pack with 62%. The higher the percentage, the higher the advertising dollars. Microsoft wants to close that gap and they are hoping to do that by adding more features to its client. The company says that the Android client will have the same features as the IPhone client. The IPhone client has over 4 million downloads.

Microsoft first started as Live Search. They then changed the name to Bing and got a 5% jump from it.

Microsoft is looking to improve its mapping features. Soon, you will be able to search for places and zoom into a map to find it (this is already available on Google maps). Third-party apps will also be added. One will let users enter the time they need a parking space, and will show up a list of local garages, along with their prices (Google has Open Spot).

Microsoft hopes that Bing's visual richness will be one element that will help them attract more users. Some basic features ,such as the auto-complete function, will also be updated; links will also be included for some items in the drop-down results. Another enhancement of the auto-complete is that Bing will be trying to guess the user's intention, based on the context of the search session.

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