AT&T Motorola Flipout, juicy details emerge


The Motorola Flipout is another to add to the "cute but crippled" category that fits most AT&T Android phones.  The Flipout has been out for a while on other carriers, but is coming soon (?) to AT&T.  Like all other AT&T Androids, the Flipout is not able to sideload apps without aid from ADB or Android Sideload Wonder Machine.

It is a pretty odd form factor, but will probably go over well with texting tweens.  Specs include:

  • Android 2.1
  • Resizeable widgets like on Droid X and Droid 2
  • Motoblur 1.5 – not what is on the Droid 2 or Droid X
  • 2.8 inch 320×240 resolution
  • High build-quality so those tweens can throw it around without much issue
  • OMAP processor clocked at 720 MHz with the PowerVR SGX 530 GPU (it will probably beat a Droid 1 in a race, but can't compete with the newer high-end offerings)
  • Google Navigation and Google search as default

One of these pictures depicts a blue back, so maybe it will have swappable battery covers.

You can check out a video we put up earlier here.

You can read up on the Rogers Canada version (same device) here.


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