Are Android Users More Likely To Cheat?

A study(and I use the term loosely) performed by, a website specializing in arranging extra-marital affairs,  is pointing an accusing finger at Android users as more likely to cheat on their significant others than their iPhone and Blackberry counterparts.

The "study" data implies that 305,629 customers have checked into the website using their smartphones. An estimated 143,000 of those smartphones were Androids and 114,000 were iPhones. would have you believe these stats indicate that Android users are bigger cheaters than iPhone users, but MobileCrunch has done the math (Thank God for that, I suck at math) blowing any debate out of the water. There are currently an estimated 60 million iPhone users in the world, and 75 million Androids. The math: 143,000 of 75 million is .19%, and 114,000 of 60 million is also .19%.

So as you can see, carrying an Android doesn't mean you are more likely to cheat. It just means there are more of us than them.

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