Android World Round Up: UK 4G auction – 2.1 for Heroes – Red Dell Streak – Backflip and Milestone in India


4G up 4Grabs
The switch to digital television here in the UK is due to leave the 800Mhz radio bandwidth bereft of signal and thus opened up for other use. Obviously the growth of the mobile handset has meant a greater demand for bandwidth and these freed up frequencies are highly sought after. Having gone around and around for eighteen months with the government bureaucrats at the Office Of Communications, the mobile industry can finally prepare itself for a 4G bandwidth auction later this year. Alongside the old TV spectrum, which is ideal for phone coverage in built up areas, will be the 2.6Ghz band which is better suited for the countryside. Good news not only for users of the rapidly diminishing spectrum but for UK tax payers too; the last time the government auctioned bandwidth they made a pretty packet.

3 UK finally update Hero to Eclair
With the rest of us rubbing our hands in anticipation of Froyo (OS 2.2), 3 UK customers with HTC G2 (Hero) handsets are only just getting their hands on 2.1 (Eclair). 3 UK were suitably apologetic but reading between the lines it seems to this reporter that the real reason for the delay was the launch of the iPhone 4.


Dell see red
Red things go faster. This is a scientific fact. Fire trucks are red. Starsky and Hutch's Ford Gran Torinos was red and now the Dell Streak is too. Still not available in the US, the red Streak is available in Europe as of today for €540 ($720). Regardless of colour the Dell Streak is a great power handset, let's just hope they don't decide to do a brown model.

Galaxy to illuminate Antipodean sky
The Android journey started out slowly down under, but Australia in general and carrier Telstra in particular are catching up fast. As of the 14th of this month they will be able to add the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S to their list of Android handsets. The S will be going toe-to-toe with the iPhone 4 and should do well as Australians aren't quite as easily impressed by things that look like they come from California as the rest of us.


Milestone and Backflip in India
Motorola are bringing two new Android handsets to the fast growing Indian smartphone owning public. The Milestone XT720 and the Backflip (pictured). Expected to retail at Rs35,000 ($750) and Rs28,000 ($600) respectively they are clearly targeted at the top end of the market.

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