Android World Round Up: Telstra Pre-Paid Widfire – Samsung Tab 9/3 – UK Updates

August 12, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Telstra spreading the love
Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile services provider are really getting the knack of the Android business.  As of August 24 they will start to retail the HTC Wildfire on a pre-pay deal. At A$350 ($317) that’s a good price for a good phone.

Radio shows ain’t what they used to be
The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin has been going on since 1926. Originally a radio exhibition the IFA, as it is more easily pronounced, is now one of Europe’s biggest consumer electronics fairs. This year proceedings kick off on September 3 and many there will be watching Samsung lay out their stall with baited breath. The IFA is expected to be the venue for the unveiling of the much touted Samsung Galaxy Tab (pictured). They promised Q3 this year, so this will be their last chance to keep their word. Lets hope they do, because the Tab looks gorgeous. Underneath that shiny 7 inch multi-touch capacitive screen lies 1.2GHz of oomph, 16GB internal memory and two cameras.

Updates big and small
Big: Vodafone UK are making reparations for the 360 update sham that we covered last week by bringing Froyo (OS2.2) to their HTC Desire customers next week. Not only that they are going to remove the branding software that the last “update” loaded onto their phones. That’s all it took to get back into our good books – well done Vodafone.
Small: Users of the HTC G2 (that’s a Hero to you and me) in the UK are receiving OTA updates that download a G-Sensor calibration tool to their phones. All fine and dandy, I’m sure, but if you have a G2 and you get that “A system update is available” message, just don’t get too excited.