Android World Round Up: Galaxy S Offer – Wildfire Not Being Recalled – New Galaxies in S Korea – Poor Vodafone Desire Update

August 5, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Galaxy S Vodafone offer as good as it sounds?
Vodafone are becoming adept at utilising social media as part of their sales strategy and their use of twitter to advertise special offers has not only been successful but has got everyone talking. Their latest tweetdeal is for the marvelous Samsung Galaxy S which they are offering for free, with a £30 ($48) a month contract. Not bad, but data junkies beware, Vodafone’s deal only allows for half a gig of data a month.

The story that never was.
People are so harsh on gloaters, but gloating is fun, in fact I’m gloating right now. When other sites were going all headless chicken over rumours of a product recall for T-Mobile’s HTC Wildfire, we remained calm, dug down a little deeper for our info and reported that it was not going to happen – and guess what? its not.

Galaxies abound in Korea
South Korea have embraced technology like no other nation on earth but perhaps they have been spoiled a little. It would seem the Samsung Galaxy S is not enough to sate the tech-lust of Seolians and the country’s biggest carrier SK Telecom, who offer the S, are under siege from their main rivals LG U+ and KT. The carriers have announced the Galaxy U and the Galaxy K respectively. Neither handset is identical to the original and both are a bit smaller but under the hood they  posses the same impressive pedigree.

SK Telecom, by the way recorded their one millionth Android customer this week.

Orange do but Vodafone don’t
Oh dear, It seems that Vodafone have dropped the ball when it comes to their HTC Desire users. Whereas Orange have announced a full Froyo (OS 2.2) roll out over the next month, Vodafone Desire users have been given nothing more than some advertising and bloatware under the guise of an update. On the plus side they did get the “update” yesterday and it does include a nice new splash screen – they must be fuming – if that’s you, get in touch, its what our comments section was made for.