Android World Round Up: 2.2 for Virgin HTC Phones – Galaxy S Sales Hit the Sky – Optimus Price Slash – Z is for Fashion


Proud to be a virgin
There was a time when people didn't want to be associated with the word 'virgin' but thanks to billionaire Richard Branson that is no longer the case and nowadays the Virgin logo can be seen adorning many products from planes to trains and not least on Android phones like the the HTC Desire and Wildfire.

Never ones to fall behind, Virgin Media have just announced that they will be upgrading both the phones' operating system OTA from 2.1 to the all singing all dancing Froyo (2.2) early this September.


In the time it takes to read this another Galaxy S has been sold in South Korea
The wonderful Samsung handset has been flying off the shelves in South Korea at a rate of one every six seconds. That works out at 14,500 a day or a grand total of 800,000 since sales there began in June.

I only wish they made it in white… Oh, hang on… they do. Look!

Carphone Warehouse love'em or hate'em
Love'em: if you just bought an LG Optimus from them for only £100 ($65) with ten quids' worth of free airtime.
Hate'em: if you paid £150 for the entry level (OS 1.6) handset back in July… like I did!


Z is for… well we're not sure
Have a gander at this bizarre promo shot for LG's Optimus Z taken in Downtown Seoul the other day. Apparently the work of fashion designer Ha San Baek, we are guessing that Z is for Zorro?