Android tablets: Whats the hold up?

Most of you are probably wondering where your Android tablet is? Well were well into Q3 and the only one who is promising a successful Android based Tablet is Archos. The Archos 32 sporting a 3.2" screen and was passed through the FCC and is said to have a $150 price tag. The only unknown is whether or not the Google Market will be loaded onto the tablet.

So what about the Samsung Galaxy Tab you may ask? Well the 7" tablet will be (still rumored) Android 2.2 on a 1.2Ghz Cortext A8 processor. It has 16GB of memory and has WiFi and 3G support. So what makes this a notable mention? This tablet will be unveiled next month at the IFA show in Berlin. This is a good sign because it means the Tablet will be shipped in the near future.

This leaves us a question of: What happened to the other tablets that were promised?

The Notion Ink Adam powered by a Tegra2 System-on-Chip processor with a Pixel Qi screen is looking at yet another delay. Could it be the Pixel Qi screen that allows you to use the tablet as an eReader or a full colored tablet depending on the screen being powered on or not? No itsactually due to an investor withdrawing its support. Notion Inks CEO Rohan Shravan has assured Endgadget that the tablet will ship by the end of the year.

Hopefully the Android tablets will soon be flooding the market for the Android community to enjoy. Still one other tablet is a no show and that is a MSI Tegra2 based tablet that was supposed to ship in June with a $500 price tag.

Be patient Android community the tablets are on there way!

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