Android Social Networking Surge via MocoSpace Mobile Social Graph Report


Social Networking in today's, and soon to be tomorrow's, world is something that is radically different and in this new age with smart phones and feature phones getting more and more access to social networking sites. MocoSpace, the leading mobile social network in the U.S., is packing some serious heat with their new numbers in their latest Q2 Mobile Social Graph Report.

MocoSpace reports that Android traffic has significantly risen during the past quarter and is the strongest of all mobile platforms. It had a surge of 73% increase, while iPhone (67%) and Blackberry (down 2.8%) are only helping to fuel the fire that Android is and will be the future.

Reported Android log-in sessions were 15 minutes and 51 seconds (an increase of 13.2% in Q2) and the chat increased by higher numbers than expected by 38% as the company has introduces the application for the mobile platform.


A recent report by Ground Truth confirms the trend toward longer MocoSpace session times; the report showed that MocoSpace users spend more minutes per day on MocoSpace than they do on either Facebook Mobile or MySpace Mobile.

"In Q2, we were very pleased to see strong growth coming from Android and iPhone users. With the upcoming release of our gaming platform targeting smartphones, we feel the mobile web will only get stronger as more powerful phones enable more robust mobile browser experiences," says MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel

For the full report check it out at: and down below we have the social graphs for you to check out.


About MocoSpace

For a young, multicultural, on-the-go generation, MocoSpace is the mobile community of choice for making friends, having fun and staying connected. One of the largest and most active mobile web sites in the world, MocoSpace has over 13 million registered users generating over 3 billion pages per month. MocoSpace is free and available on any web-enabled mobile phone in the world. 
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