Android Phones Battery Tests are in And We Have a Winner!

August 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic
For many, battery life is usually an after thought when purchasing a new smartphone. We spend so much time evaluating the UI the feel the look, it’s only once we start using the phone in our day to day life that we realize how important battery life really is. A quick look at the battery usage on my Nexus One shows that the screen is the biggest battery hog of them all. It is a beautiful AMOLED screen though, characters look crisp, screen changes are not ghosty but the battery is getting the life sucked out of it. Would anyone really sacrifice the beauty of their screen for longer batter life, probably not. Well, with the current shortage of AMOLED screens in the market these days, we’ve seen a rise in SLCD screens. Boasting similar image quality as the AMOLED screens and drawing less power, have we found the happy medium?

The Droid X comes out as the sure winner in the batter tests. Mind you the tests performed by LaptopMag only looked at mobile browsing. Talk time, email, WiFi, bluetooth were all omitted from the tests. This gives us pretty good indicator of the power drain of the screen if all of these other services are turned off. Something else to keep in mind is the si\e of the battery. The lowest rated phone, the HTC Incredible, only has a 1300 mAh battery. It shouldn’t really be in the same test it’s 1500 mAh counterparts. What is interesting is that the Samsung Captivate gets a full 3 hours less browsing time than the Droid X. Really it should be a comparison between AMOLED and LCD or TFT as Motorola calls it. Nicely done Droid X. Let us konw how important battery life is to you. Is it truly form over function?