A Look Behind The Scenes With Notion Ink

The Notion Ink Adam Tablet has had people questioning it since it was announced and debuted at CES 2010, questions like, "What Is it?" "What does it do?" "How is it different?" "When will we see its release?" "What does it run on?" Well ever since all these questions have come out, many many sites, including this one, have tried to figure out all these answers and many have had answers that make things a lot more clear.

Check out some of the answers we got in this interview with Notion Ink, it was exclusively for AndroidHeadlines.com and it can be found by clicking HERE. It is a good long interview and we cover quite a bit, for those not in a link clicking mood, here are some of the specs of the device, however, the link is QUITE good.

Those are pretty impressive stats, they stand right up to the iPad and give it a run for its money, also adds a camera.

As you can see, the device is something to desire, and with it rumored to be running Android 2.2 and maybe getting Android 3.0 which is going to be quite impressive. A device like this, being able to run all android apps, apps on a tablet would work, apps like Evernote (keeping yours notes with you wherever you go and on a big screen, very nice) and I imagine that Qik will also work, Qik is the Video recording program, you can start to record yourself and then point the swiveling camera at the scenery and get a good video of that for everyone to see. The possibilities are pretty awesome, assuming it can come out.

The Notion Ink Adam has been dealing with a lot, its had hardware issues and software issues, will Flash be on it, will NVidia side with Notion Ink, what is happening? Rumor going around is that if things had went correctly with investors, the Adam could already be out, but these are all troubles start ups face when getting things off the ground.

One of the worst things that happened was an Axed App Competition that Notion Ink was going to throw. A 1 million-dollar promotion to encourage tablet-scale software development. This caused a lot of problems including loss of staff by at least 20 people. Not good at all.

You can stay tuned here for any more info, we will be letting you know what's going on as soon as we hear.

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