720p Recording Comes To Nexus One!


Nexus one folks, we have some huge news for you! Have you been wanting to record video on your Nexus in 720p? Well, we have a fix for you! We've seen some pretty high definition video recording on the N1 running Cyanogenmod5 before, but now thanks to Charan Singh and Cyanogen over at XDA, 1280 x 720 recording is now available with Cyanogenmod6.

The update.zip will ONLY work for Cyanogenmod6 versins greater than RC2 (patch), but soon it will be ported on to the LeoFroyo ROM and maybe even a stock version of N1 Froyo in the future. As with every other new patch, there are some bugs in it but we've been told its pretty damn nice. The bugs will be figured out in the next few days.

Check out this video Bryan over at AndroidPolice shot in the 720p mode with the patch applied

Everything you need is right here (patch, instructions, etc) big ups to XDA!!!