200,000 Sold Every Day! Droids For All!

It's all about the numbers, right? The proof is in the pudding they say. And now Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) said on Wednesday that he believes that about 200,000 new Android devices are being sold each day... making that a huge increase in revenue via increased mobile search traffic. Everyone Googles, who the hell Bings? See, it doesn't even sound right.

"People are finally beginning to figure out how successful Android is," Schmidt said as he pointed to recent studies showing the growth of our favorite OS and how it's even outpacing the iPhone.

"The number was about 100,000 (a day) about two months ago," Schmidt said, "It looks like Android is not just phenomenal but incredibly phenomenal in its growth rate. God knows how long that will continue." With that statement I beam with pride in being an early adopter, but also light a candle for security.

Google may not be making money directly from these Android phone sales per say, but it does help increase the number of phones doing web searches and that success translates to higher revenue numbers for it.

Would not getting a direct cut of the pie hurt Google? Not at all! Schmidt goes on to say, "Trust me that revenue is large enough to pay for all of Android's activities and a whole bunch more," he said. "I should also say that we also love the success of the iPhone because the iPhone also uses Google's search and we get a chunk of that revenue when people search for the iPhone." And I'm sure with all the propaganda that went on with the iPhone 4 signal issues, it made their grin that much more bigger.

With all of the hype and success of Android, you would think that it might hinder their development of their OS Chrome, right? Perhaps a bit? Schmidt says no, "Maybe we can get the same success out of Chrome OS. Chrome OS is targeted at a different part of the market." Which is all how Android started.

Schmidt says that Chrome OS will be focused on selling notebooks to early believers in cloud-based storage, which of course also fuels speculation, hopes, rumors, and desires that Android will be getting some cloud abilities as well for our beloved handsets. "People who believe in cloud computing, believe in the benefits of Web computing and who are Chrome users will be the target market. It's probably a large market." Hopefully that statement isn't exactly like what they said about the Nexus One in regards about a Nexus Two, because a cloud based storage and services for Android would only further help it get yet another notch above iOS.

"I think it is improper to be skeptical of Android and I think that it is proper to be skeptical of Chrome OS," Schmidt says. See, have faith in Android and let's just see how the test run with their OS goes is probably what he's trying to say nicely.

Schmidt's comments on Android and Chrome OS came from a 40-minute Q&A session with the press and was followed by comments on a Net neutrality pact with Verizon and his thoughts about no longer supporting Google Wave that was announced recently.

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