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App Name: Yahoo Mail by Yahoo.

Description: The official Yahoo! Mail app for your Android phone: Notifications, Access Yahoo! Contacts, Send & receive attachments, Smart Folders & Full Search, Write with rich text & emoticons, Switch to Yahoo! Messenger with ease.

Yahoo Messenger for Android mentioned in this review will be reviewed later this week.


How it works: If you have a Yahoo email address, this app will allow you to access it directly as opposed to using a 3rd party app.  You can read, delete and compose emails.  You can also view drafts you may have started on another device or computer and previously sent emails.  It has a separate section for emails from your contacts so you don't have to surf the whole inbox just for them.

When viewing the inbox it has an option to search emails by search item and can be filtered by who it is from or whom it is to or the subject.

Clicking on the 'edit' button in the inbox shows three buttons: Move, Delete and Spam.  When you use this it has a check box next to each email.  You have to make all the selections for the particular action you want because after submitting one of them as spam, for example, it closes the buttons and you have to re select 'edit' to do any additional ones.  I hope this improved on with future updates.


The options allow you to change the preview of the email and how you get notifications for the email i.e. sounds or if you want it to show in status bar.  You can also jump to Yahoo Messenger (if you downloaded that app) to IM one of your friends/contacts.

Opinion: I don't know if I will use the native app for Yahoo exclusively since I have been using K-9 to get my emails previously.  It isn't as easy to delete spam and unwanted email with this app and it doesn't load as many emails up front.  So the initial version isn't as strong as I had hoped.  However, it does allow for notification in the status bar which K-9 only does once I open it to view mail.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) – Pretty good, as you scroll it loads more emails without much lag.
  • Features (5/5) –  Everything the web offers so its good.
  • Theme (5/5) –  Looks just like the mobile Yahoo email.
  • Overall (4/5) – Nice but needs some work


  • Nice search feature.
  • Emails from contacts.


  • Clunky move/delete/spam feature
  • Have to scroll down and allow messages to load. K-9 shows more emails up front.

Conclusion: A good start for the native app for Yahoo Mail.  I think it will get better and improve its features with future updates so I will be using it to stay on top of my Yahoo email.


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