Winner of the "Hay Canadians, Why Do you Love Android So Much,EH? Contest Announced


On behalf of and HTC Canada i would like to thank everyone that entered our contest.Canadians came out in droves and proved to us in may way "Why do you love Android so much,eh?
Picking one winner was very hard thing to do, their were so many great entries and we had about 5 entries that stood out but at the end of the day their could only be one winner.
The winner of the "why do you love android so much,eh?' contest is Steve Lam of Toronto, Ontario.While he did not profess his Love for Android so much i am sure he will be in deep love once he receives his HTC Hero Prize Pack from HTC Canada and forgets about his old flame.
A special Thank you goes out to HTC Canada for providing us with such a great prize pack and to all the Android lovers across Canada that helped make this contest a overwhelming success.

The Winning Entry Below:

Disclaimer: I've been dating an iPhone 3g for the past 2 years.


I have to admit I was seduced by the thin finely chiseled body; the smooth curves; and it definitely didn't hurt that she had an amazing pair of (volume) rockers which really turned things up.

Who could ask for more? Well, apparently, the iPhone 3g could.

It wasn't until after the first blissful month of intense cuddling, hand-holding and installing apps multiple times every night (and sometimes in the morning!) until I realized things were going to spin out of control.


She demanded accessories. Lots of accessories. If it wasn't a Chanel leather case then it was a Louis Vuitton red gel slip-on. What kind of world was I living in where an apple a day kept taking my money away?

On top of that, her father is apparently a very strict man. As a result of this, he had to approve every single thing we did together. There was no room for argument. Hell, we were only allowed to go to one specific mall to do shopping!

Feeling desperate, in a flash I even tried to write her father a very sensible letter pertaining to our woes, but he wouldn't even look at it unless it was written with a much more clear objective. (See what I did there?)


I may as well have been dating someone in prison. Every time I feel like I've broken her out, it seems like I have to do it all over again the next day.

I couldn't take it anymore.

So now you know my sorrowful past. I can't tell you why I love Android as we have not had the chance to meet yet. I've heard good things though. So I'm hoping with your helping hand at a potential introduction, I can move on in a new direction. Just tell me what I need to do. I'm willing to relocate to Topeka, Kansas if need be.


Please help!