Why Is The G1 Still Speed Testing Better Than New Phones?


Just as we receive news of the demise of our good old faithful T-Mobile G1, I also have news of some testing I've been doing while I had the Samsung Vibrant here. The tests are all run on the T-Mobile network in the suburbs of Chicago at ZIP code of 60073. The results are amazing and very confusing… These are the averages of 3 speed tests run using Speedtest.net from the Android Ma

PhoneROMDownload Speed
G1 Stock Android 1.61127
Google Nexus One Enomther Android 2.2 v2.10.2756
Samsung Vibrant Stock Android 2.1 Update 1744

How come a 2 year old device that is about to be made obsolete is getting consistently faster data rates on the T-Mobile network than the 2 latest super phones I ran the tests against? They are all connected at 3G speeds, according to the displays.  So it the radio technology in the phones? Is it because the Nexus One and the Vibrant can connect at higher speeds once the network is available that they are tweaked for the higher speeds and are slower until that time?  I'm no hardware engineer, but I'd love to hear the thoughts of anyone who has any insight! If you have multiple devices or your friends are close by and you have a chance to run the same test, do it and post your results in the comments.  I'd love to see how other devices compare to these results. For a true comparison, try to run the test from the same location or at least the same ZIP code. If you want to try Speedtest.net for yourself, head over to the Android Market or click or scan the QRCode below.

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