When Will Froyo OTA Show Up on Droid?

July 13, 2010 - Written By Mike Corbett

So today is July 12th, its the day before the moto droid was rumored to get 2.2 and nothing has really been said in regards to it by anyone. No leaks, no info and no more tests. So are we getting it tomorrow? Are we getting it Friday? Next week? Next Month… No one really knows or has said a thing.

You can help us by telling us if/when you get it and what day it was. If its later tonight at midnight, let us know. Later tomorrow, Android Headlines wants to know. This is a pretty big update for a lot of people and it would be great to get the 411. As soon as someone passes the good word it would of course get posted! Lets tentatively wait but not get our hopes up.