What is the Weirdest, Whacky, Disturbing and Hilarious Apps On Android?

How many times have you actually had to pee and try to find a place to do you business and find out that the app for that isn't the best or accurate to finding a suitable place to conclude your pee dance?

Have you actually used your phone as some sort of massaging instrument and not looked at it any differently?

Ever used your phone to scan a suspicious product, like a cow on a dvd cover, and find out that the barcode is actually the code for the dvd itself while in a video store? Well, I have and truth be told there are a lot of apps out there, I mean we live in a world where there is an app for that and that Android does, even if there shouldn't be.

When does entertainment and functionality end, and the weird, strange, perverse, and down right weird begin?

And don't be afraid to say that you actually did try out that pick up line app to see how it worked, because I'm sure that girls love a droid that does. ...anyway, share your adventures with the crazy, weird, whacky, hilarious, and even disturbing ones that had you going, seriously? Seriously? Srsly.

We're curious to know what you guys think of those apps and which apps  those were. We're your friends, I shared my cow story with you, so we're cool, right? Come one, don't be shy, and tell us which apps split your sides, made you do the Hollywood Double-Take, or even gasp and shake your head. We're dying to know!

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