Warning: This App Is Stealing Your Data


Android users, we need to talk. I have a link here that I want you to visit. If you recognize any of the apps listed on this site, uninstall them NOW! http://www.appbrain.com/browse/dev/jackeey,wallpaper

Ok, now why did I ask you to uninstall any one of these apps? Well, according to Lookout, a mobile anti virus software, one or more of these apps are stealing your data and sending it to a website, www.imnet.us The site is owned by someone in Shenzhen, China. To the ordinary person these look like ordinary wall paper apps. I didn't notice anything funny. But isn't that how these work? According to Lookout, these apps are collecting:

  1. Browsing History
  2. Text Messages
  3. Sim Card Data
  4. Subscriber ID
  5. Voicemail password

I expect Google will have these taken off the market very soon. Apparently this affects anywhere from 1.1 million to 4.6 million users. (The exact number is unknown because the Android Market does not offer precise data.) Make sure when you download anything onto your phone to read what you are installing. Most of us, myself included, will see an app we want, press download and breeze through the ok's so we can get that thing downloaded. Around 47 percent of Android apps access some sort of third party code compared to 23 percent on the iPhone. Be careful out there!