Video Walkthrough of Touchwiz 3.0 On Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)

July 14, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Samsung’s first go round with Touchwiz was an utter disaster. It was hated by just about everyone. Gizmodo even commented, “Samsung’s Behold II is the most impressively ugly Android phone in existence. The custom interface is so bad, so gaudy and so confusing it turned my brains into ooze.” Sales of the Behold II were disappointing and Samsung decided not to include the Behold II in the Android 2.1 release.With results like these one would think Samsung would let it go. Wrong! That is the never say die attitude of Samsung. Touchwiz 3.0 will be on the Galaxy S devices which will be carried by all three, OK four- sorry T-mobile, major carriers in the U.S.

Overall, Touchwiz 3.0 doesn’t offer anything of real value to power users because most of the features can be downloaded free via apps from the Android Market. The beauty of 3.0 is that you can switch to an alternative desktop if you do not like it. Not being forced to use it is one of the greatest gestures Samsung could have done here. Take a look at the video below and see what you think.

Touchwiz 3.0 offers scrollable widgets, alternative input methods such as Swype, custom live wallpapers and a custom App drawer. There are also toggles for Bluetooth and Wifi in the notification bar which is a great feature to have since these two suck battery life if left on. The real test for Touchwiz 3.0 is going to come when Android 2.2 releases. Will it slow down the update? Only time will tell but we know this, Samsung does not have a good track record with pushing out updates.