Video: Verizon Motorola Droid X Defective Screens…Yikes

Screen shot 2010 07 20 at 3.34.47 PM

Although it is unknown how wide spread the problem is, several users have experienced vertical banding and erratic behaviour on their huge Droid X screens. It is not uncommon to have some units appear with defects shortly after a launch of such magnitude and cell phone providers are usually quick to replace the handset if the damage was not caused by the user. Given these initial reports, the situation does not seem to be widespread by any stretch, in some cases users were told that this problem was common for a particular launch day batch. There has been much talk about smartphone defects in recent news, most notably the attenuation problems of the iPhone external antenna. There is no indication that the Droid X screen issues match up in anyway to the iPhone death grip. Check out the videos below and stay tuned for more developments.