Verizon Droid X Launching with Limited Inventory


Here's your friendly reminder for today: Motorola's Droid X launches this Thursday. However, while the device itself is high profile, it doesn't look like Verizon locations around the country are getting high profile numbers in the inventory category. According to some screen shots sent over to Droid Life, it looks like quantities are being kept at a pretty respectable level.

Admittedly, the two stores in the included image aren't actually high profile stores in of themselves, either. One of them is a kiosk, and the other is a smaller retail location. Though, in the latter's defense, it is in the downtown area, so it should still see plenty of customers on a daily basis. And, considering both locations are only seeing about 20 units per store, it's pretty safe to assume that the rumors we had been hearing over the weekend, about some locations only getting close to 70 handsets per location may be coming true, after all.


Indeed, a call to several Verizon retail stores around our area reveals that the corporate store closest to us actually received only 44 units to sell on Thursday (they received 45, but one is used for the floor demonstration model). So, is Motorola keeping stock at a choke-point for a reason? Perhaps they don't want to see what's happening with HTC-manufactured devices, so they're making sure they've got enough in the back-log (and for other online retailers) to keep making customers happy in the now, and not a month later.

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