Time To Share With Others On LoKast - Android App Review

App Name: LoKast by NearVerse

Description: LoKast allows you to discover and share music, videos, photos, contacts,    and web links with others nearby.  LoKast is available with cross-compatibility between      Android and iPhone devices.

How it works: LoKast is an application that helps you find all types of media from a            variety of different people. There are two main parts of the app, one part of the app that      shows all types of other people's things that they have uploaded and want to share with        others. And then the another part of the app is your personal profile where you can              upload music, photos, videos, contacts, and web links for everyone else to see. And it's        very easy to figure out how to use.

Opinion: Would be a great app if more people used it. And was worked on by the                  developer more.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) -  Extremely fast, upload and download speeds are great.
  • Features (3/5) -  Upload music, photos, videos, and other things
  • Theme (3/5) - Average UI, seems to look nice but it is kind of low-res. Not polished off enough. Has no type of animation when changing between parts of the app, or when clicking  on different tabs.
  • Overall (2/5) - It would be a great app, if more people used it, and everything worked.

Pros: Interesting to look at other's photos and music. Also is very quick and responsive. Free.

Cons: Force closes often on trying to upload anything besides music. Same three bands always show up, while it is hard to find other people's uploads. Runs in the background, and annoying notifications about who comes on and offline.

Conclusion: If the developer made a few improvements on force close issues, I'm sure more people would come, and the application would be very fun and addicting to use for everyone. Feels like the app isn't fully completed yet. But it'sworth checking out, because after all, it doesn't hurt to try some new things out.

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