Thinking twice about removing preload apps on Galaxy S

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AT&T Captivate

In the early cellphone days we never had to think twice about what Pre-loads we needed or didn’t that we want on a phone.  Now it seems though our initial thought when un-boxing a phone is which we want to keep or get rid of to make the phone perform better, or make it more our own.  Take the Galaxy S line for example recently released by Samsung.  The phone itself is a power house, with a stunning screen.  Some complain though of AT&T slowing it down with up to 15 processor intensive applications and novelty programs.  Some consumers want them others don’t.  Such AT&T titles as AT&T Radio, AT&T Maps, AT&T Music, and AT&T mobile Hot-spots.   You can’t just click a few times and they are gone though.  The Captivate requires you to root your phone to remove them.  If your not familiar rooting, it just  means having access to change files on the phone, that the phone maker in sense blocks you from modifying when the phone is shipped.  This can be a risky process and can involve voiding your warranty and also crashing your phone to the point of complete uselessness.  Many owners though since Android has been release have taken the chance and enjoyed their benefits, link to BriefMobile for a nice clear step by step instructions on the process of getting root access on your Captivate phone for AT&T.

Again though if the money you payed for the phone is more valuable to you than the risk of making some customization I would recommend against it. If not more power to you.  I’m not picking on AT&T because they aren’t alone in forcing some things on you, but hopefully in the future we will have a little less risky say in what we get on such a pricey purchase.