The Motorola Charm Delayed?

July 13, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The latest rumors out right now say that the Motorola Charm for T-Mobile could be delayed until August. The sources say that there are battery life issues and that Motorola will be supplying extended batteries. I think most smart phones have battery life issues, but this must be extreme.

Here are some details on the Motorola Charm:

Adobe Flash enabled Web browsing, Google services including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and access to apps on Android Market, pinch to zoom function, two-finger swipe to surf and sort photos, 3MP camera and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology, one-touch social media uploads to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and PhotoBucket, CrystalTalk PLUS for better audio and call quality, and a second microphone for better voice quality with background noise filter among others.